Exploring The Local Bike Rail Trails!

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Experience the joy of nature and the excitement of adventure as you take on the bike rail trails in and around our area. The transition from summer to autumn is the perfect time to grab your bikes and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery that awaits you. 

Whether you're an avid cyclist or simply enjoy leisurely rides, these trails cater to all skill levels.   

The following are suggestions that can help make every trip safe and fun for everyone:

  • Use safe speeds.
  • Keep to the right side of the trail to allow faster riders to pass.
  • Always pass on the left of another biker and let them know that you are doing so.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way, so be sure to yield to them and give them plenty of space.
  • Install rearview mirrors on your handlebars or helmet. You should still learn to look over your shoulder without swerving, but mirrors will help you see what’s behind you at all times.
  • Be alert. Never ride with headphones or an earpiece. You need to hear everything you possibly can.
  • Bring drinking water for longer rides. 
  • Leave no trace  - If you stop for a snack break, make sure any wrappers are securely stashed away before you ride.
  • Know and follow the rules of the specific trail you're on.

🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️  Have fun exploring the trails listed below. Happy Biking!  🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️


Acton: Assabet River Rail Trail - North Section

Bedford - Concord: Bedford and Concord Rail Trails

Boston - Newton: Charles River Bikeway: Paul Dudley White Bike Path

Bourne: Cape Cod Canal Bikeway

Cambridge: Charles River Reservation Full Bike Loop 

Danvers: Danvers & Topsfield Rail Trails;  Danvers Rail Trail

Falmouth - Woods Hole: Shining Sea Bikeway

Framingham - Natick: Cochituate Rail Trail Framingham-Natick;  TrailLink

Franklin: Southern New England Trunkline Trail;  Franklin & Bellingham Rail Trail

Hopkinton-Milford-Holliston-Sherborn: Upper Charles Trail:  
When completed, the Upper Charles Trail (UCT) will be a multi-use trail system approximately 26 miles long that will connect the towns of Sherborn, Holliston, Milford, Hopkinton, Framingham, and Ashland. Information on each section to keep you best informed is as follows:

Lexington: ACROSS Lexington Route E  Lexington

Marlborough - Hudson: Assabet River Trail;  Assabet River Rail Trail - Marlborough Hudson Sector

Natick - Newton: Cochituate Aqueduct Trail

Needham: Bay Colony Rail Trail; Cutler Park Reservation

North Weymouth and Hingham Trails: Back River Trail, North Weymouth; Bare Cove Park, Hingham; Webb Memorial State Park Loop Trail, North Weymouth; Stodders Neck & Abigail Adams State Park, North Weymouth & Hingham

Peabody: Independence Greenway

South Dennis: Cape Cod Rail Trail  

Uxbridge - Blackstone: Blackstone River Greenway and Bikeway Access

Waltham - Weston - Wayland: Mass Central Rail Trail: Wayside Branch 

Wayland: Mass Central Rail Trail: Wayland to Weston Station

** The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
This extensive rail trail connects multiple towns and cities, presenting a significant undertaking. To help you find the best route, parking space and location, please refer to the various sites and updates here:

The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a work in progress. It is a rail trail through the communities of Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, Sudbury, and Framingham in Massachusetts — following the 25-mile route of the old New Haven Railroad Framingham & Lowell line. The trail has a 10-foot wide pavement with a 2-foot wide packed shoulder on each side.The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is open to non-motorized uses such as cycling, jogging, walking, rollerblading, and skiing.

The Trail So Far as of June 2023   

Acton: The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail - Phase 2  The proposed trail from Lowell to Framingham is divided into three phases. Each phase is being developed by the communities through which it passes and with funds directed to each phase.

Concord: Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, Phase 2C  

Lowell - Concord: Bruce Freeman Rail Trail - Lowell-Concord

Sudbury: Bruce Freeman Rail Trail


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